Development Sites Brisbane

Our Services

Development Site Sales

We can provide:

  1. Site Evaluation:    What is the best current/future usage of your site. We have access to the latest town planning information and building guidelines.
  2. Market Appraisals:    We can place an accurate value on the property based on research and current sales data.
  3. Marketing Campaigns:    Individual campaigns are designed to achieve a successful sale. Our campaigns can be designed to sell on or off market.
  4. Results:    We believe that the combination of our experience, knowledge and contacts will ensure that we will get the best result when selling your property for you.

Blocks of flats sales

For the owners of blocks of strata titled or non strata titled flats, we provide a specialist service of sourcing the appropriate buyer, whether it be an investor to buy and hold or a builder to refurbish and on-sell.

Development Site Acquisitions

For builders, developers and investors with specific requirements to purchase development sites or properties with a particular criteria we can:

  1. Search for and identify the required properties
  2. Negotiate the purchase of the property on behalf of the buyer

Appraisals of value

To assist in making the decision to sell a particular property, we can provide a detailed and accurate market appraisal of value. We can provide specific market evidence in support of our appraisal of value and in addition provide any property owner with a recommendation as to the best method of sale for a particular property, taking in to account the type of property to be sold.

If you are considering selling and would like to request an appraisal of your property's current market value, click here.